The Speech No One Asked Me To Deliver


Well it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. As usual I am over run with life and so I am combining two blogs that have been swimming around in my brain, which is at capacity, by the way.

Last Friday, I stood and graduated from Wichita State University with my Bachelors Degree.

It. Took. Twenty. Years. 1994-2014

As I looked around me I wanted to tell the predominantly twenty-something graduates what they had done, how far ahead of me they were, how they needed to stay focused, stay selfish, stay young! I looked into the stands at my children, willing them to postpone marriage & family, the two most important things in my life…until later; begging them with my mama eyes not to do as I had done. With nothing but the wisdom of age, I wanted to shower the whole stadium with my thoughts and advice. “This is awesome! Don’t let it slip away!”  



Now I don’t have to insert that long paragraph here where I apologize and promise I love my kids do I? ty

So…. fast forward to today. I am half-way through a summer pre-session at WSU where I just graduated but needed to get a few more credits. So, pre-session means an entire semester, nine credits in 9 days. I have been an online student for 20 years mostly, but I had to take these classes here on campus. So here I am, daughter in tow, hotel room, etc. Fourteen hours of classes a day, but in four more days I am free until I start my Masters program in the Fall.

I am so glad I did this. I’m exhausted and stressed and overwhelmed and I am so glad I did this.

Being on a university campus every day is…amazing. There are art galleries and coffee shops, architecture and libraries, new people and so much to see and do and talk about and share and experience. I almost went my whole college career, Masters included, without knowing this. I’ve already promised my daughter (special needs) who is not degree seeking, that I will send her here for at least a semester, with a paid companion, to just live in dorm on campus, take some classes and experience this once in her life! I have another daughter who isn’t speaking to me, but I’m tempted to make her the same offer!!  Maybe if she had a tiny taste of what the world has to offer, she would stop settling! One of our sons is for sure college bound so I am not worried about him, but the other one hates school and wants to get out there and make money. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m already wondering how I can bribe him into one semester!!

It’s like that semester abroad or spending a summer at camp. It’s just getting out of your box and into another one! I don’t care if my kids get degrees or make millions, but I want them to hang out in a coffee shop where hundreds of cultures pass through daily! I want them to hear teachers tell stories about Indian Reservations and sweat shops and Mardi Gras. I want them to spend hours getting lost in a library, not because they like to read or have to write a paper, but because they have no where else to be and every book has a different title!


I got my college id the other day. I had to have one to use computers and labs and things. I’d never had one. I go to class early and take my time walking to the car just to look around.There are sculptures everywhere, a church, restaurants, it’s like an aircraft carrier. It’s a little city!

My daughter, who does go to a community college in our small community, came to class with me once and she was overwhelmed. Why do the seats in the classrooms go up like that? Where is the car? Are those apartments? *Mom…where are you. I’m lost.* 🙂

From the golf course to the book store, I am just in love with this little piece of life. I’ll take my two weeks, but I recommend everyone else take more! On Friday I will go home, back to my husband and kids and the farm and the small town I love. I will still be me, but I know something now about what I almost missed. Almost.


Save the money, get a loan, sell your car. Go to college.





HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up..

As much as I’d love for my everyday schedule to include hours and hours of writing, and only minute breaks to visit the Keurig or scavenge for a protein bar, that just isn’t the case. There are cars, and dogs, and millions of loads of laundry to be done. There are meals to be cooked (no, not everyone can survive on protein bars like I did for a month in Africa) and by default I am the chef. Such is my life. And I’m OK with this.

But, then there’s you, oh dear, dear reader. Wondering where I am when I fail to blog. Hoping I’ll come back soon–praying for my safe return. Musing on whether I’m actually writing these books I’ve committed to write.

Well, to ease your worried mind, I am and I will. I will finish these books. I will do it by the deadline. And, I will keep you in the loop. Cherilyn has pinned me down to at least one blog post a week. Although she has plenty to say on her own, she’d like me to check in and keep you appraised of my progress and my commitment. Both of which are strong.

I’m loving how our tour is coming together and I’m excited about seeing the places we are planning to go. But more importantly, I’m excited about meeting you! You, reader, are why we are here. Who are you? Where are you? What do you do and why do you love your life? What words are shaping your lives right now? How can we encourage you?

To write for yourself is a blessed gift you receive. But to share those words is your gift to others. I am preparing gifts for you that, in the process, are giving me joy as well. So here’s to the gift, and the true Giver of words, may they reach their destination in the perfect time.