Tour News…. Pens & Cups!!!

Had a lot of fun making these gifts for the Kansas Bar Association… cups contain…pen, tour card, scroll about all our tour titles, instant coffee, tea bag, raw sugar , creamer & spoon!!!  Variety of bows finished them off!! Being able to give these to the group of attorneys meeting next week is great exposure! 🙂 Thanks to the Neodesha Chamber of Commerce! 




HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up..

As much as I’d love for my everyday schedule to include hours and hours of writing, and only minute breaks to visit the Keurig or scavenge for a protein bar, that just isn’t the case. There are cars, and dogs, and millions of loads of laundry to be done. There are meals to be cooked (no, not everyone can survive on protein bars like I did for a month in Africa) and by default I am the chef. Such is my life. And I’m OK with this.

But, then there’s you, oh dear, dear reader. Wondering where I am when I fail to blog. Hoping I’ll come back soon–praying for my safe return. Musing on whether I’m actually writing these books I’ve committed to write.

Well, to ease your worried mind, I am and I will. I will finish these books. I will do it by the deadline. And, I will keep you in the loop. Cherilyn has pinned me down to at least one blog post a week. Although she has plenty to say on her own, she’d like me to check in and keep you appraised of my progress and my commitment. Both of which are strong.

I’m loving how our tour is coming together and I’m excited about seeing the places we are planning to go. But more importantly, I’m excited about meeting you! You, reader, are why we are here. Who are you? Where are you? What do you do and why do you love your life? What words are shaping your lives right now? How can we encourage you?

To write for yourself is a blessed gift you receive. But to share those words is your gift to others. I am preparing gifts for you that, in the process, are giving me joy as well. So here’s to the gift, and the true Giver of words, may they reach their destination in the perfect time.



drum roll please….


“…if only I had some drums around here….”

Ahem. Pam & Cherilyn are proud to announce, they have decided the titles for their upcoming tour!!  Because we are over achievers, we will carry with us, barreling down the highway, boxes and boxes of SIX different titles!! We figure, why take two books when we can take six? We want to appeal to the masses. We want to offer something for everyone.

My OCD screams to sign them ahead of time, but no! Part of the thrill of a book signing is when the author asks your name and applies the wet ink to the crisp new page, right?

So here they are…

My Daughter Still

100% Non-Fiction ~ The plight of a young girl and her family, friends and community, over the first six-months of a life long journey, suffering a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. Her story is told by her mother, from the day of the crash, to the day her mother took her home.


Christian Fiction ~ Maggie would like nothing more than to bumble through her crazy life in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, as a barista at the Sacred Grounds coffee shop. Now that she’s broken off her tight wire relationship with the sexy playboy Marcus she should be free, right? Only she didn’t plan to have an artist from Down Under sweep her off her feet, without even trying. Throw a best friend pushing the boundaries of platonic into the mix and it’s enough to make any girl lose her mind.

When Marcus ups the stakes, will it be him, an Aussie surf-rat named Luke, or the loyal servant Evan who wins her heart?  Will it even matter if she’s going to lose her life to leukemia? Can she find true love before it’s too late? The real question is, when is it too late for love, and who says death is the end of a forever bond?

*New release debuting for the first time on Pen & Cup Book Tour!

The Senator’s Daughters

Fiction ~ set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As if raising two young women isn’t challenging enough, can Lucinda Cooper-Lanning handle her demanding daughters and parlay her turbulent time in the State Senate into a seat in the U.S. Congress? It all seems attainable, until both of her daughters meet Alec Wilde.

The Quiet Republican

Non-Fiction ~ Can a Republican be quiet? Cover to cover commentary and comedy on the bumpy path to discovering one’s political affiliation. Designed to be a light read, but with true information and ideas. Can be enjoyed by adults of all class, race, gender and yes, political party.

*This is a new release, debuting on P&C Tour!! Just in time for 2016 Election!


Christian Non-Fiction ~ Searching for an infinite God in an empty culture.” How to let go of the stuff that’s holding you back from experiencing the purpose God intended for you; to know Him MORE.”

* This book will debut on the P&C Tour, 2015!!

Unlikely Provisions

Non-Fiction ~ Finding God’s gifts in small, everyday things. An interactive devotional for those who need to remind themselves and others that everything, yes everything is a gift. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could all see a generous God in the leaves and the laughter?

*New release debuting on tour!

whew!!!  the hardest part is over!! (jk)

soooo….. who wrote a chapter and a half of The Quiet Republican today??  This girl!!


Good Morning!!!!!!!

Yes…. 6 hours later…here I am. Warning: Sometimes I’ll be an over-achiever and post five times in 48 hours and then ignore the world for five days. LOL! I’ll try not to do that. 🙂

Today I present the blog & logo to Pamela! She gave me free artistic license, so cross your fingers! No turning back now!

I’m leaning towards The Quiet Republican for my tour title. Hmmmmm….. thoughts?

All About Us…

Hi, I’m Cherilyn…one half of the Pen & Cup Book Tour, travelling eight U.S. venues in the Spring of 2015. I know, a year away??  We could have started this blog later on, but we want to get everyone fired up as you join us on our journey. I mean that literally. Today is the first post, the first blog. No venues have been reserved, no hotels have been booked… we’re building our fan base and sharing the process from start to finish…including maintaining the blog, photos and even video posts ON TOUR!!

My other half is Pamela, but I will let her introduce herself. We WILL post at least three times a week. We WILL answer questions, engage in conversation and not just envelope our readers in our blog preparation, but in our writing as well, our triumphs and challenges and the love and agony of balancing busy lives with the voices in our heads. We will be professional, but writing is a life, not a job. We might as well share our spilled milk and flat tires along the way! We will both post at will, so you  never know when one of us might pop in and complicate your day!

Cherilyn ~

I am a 38-year-old mother of one grown daughter with special needs, one daughter with a beautiful baby girl and two teenage sons. I am also the mama to a Doberman, one duck, two goats, one cat and let’s see, thirty-seven chickens? I lose count. There’s this handsome farmer around here somewhere who handles the animals outside and I handle the ones in the house! He actually works for the city while I teach and write, but we also have a furniture business, a research firm and I am working on my degree online. My Facebook page is linked below and has a much broader bio, but that’s a little about me.

The book I take on tour HAS NOT YET BEEN WRITTEN!!!  You heard correctly. It will be my eleventh or twelfth book and I have many ideas and WILL nail one down here quickly. So….not only will you enjoy as we plan our tour, go on our tour, raise children, wash dishes and miss hair appointments… you will ride along as our books develop into literary masterpieces I know they will be!! Check out my Facebook page for links to some of my other books on Amazon, as well as lots of plans for future work and work in progress! I wonder if we should take all of our work on tour…for sure focus on our newest release, but why not have others on hand?

So… since we have so much to do… I know what you’re thinking. YES! Yes, we would love suggestions, encouragement, questions and ideas!!  We are looking for eight venues for book signings in the following nine cities….. Dallas, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, New York, Boston, Atlanta & Chicago. As our name may have hinted…we would love book stores that also double as coffee shops, art galleries, open mics or anything else that inspires people, the arts and add to their surrounding communities. We are very aware of the coffee shop madness that is sweeping the nation and we are on board! Do you know of a place near you, in one of these cities, that sounds like it would fit the bill? Let us know!!!

Well it’s 3:40 am, so I guess I’ll go for now. See my link below and look forward to hearing from Pam soon!

Goodnight and Good morning!!! 🙂