Hi everyone…. I have some questions & comments…. goooood afternoon!! 🙂 



So, you may have heard…. we’re planning a book tour…. not like planning to lose 60 pounds or planning the perfect wedding… this is happening!! So we have gotten tons of followers on this blog, which is awesome! BUT…. we still haven’t found all of our venues and we have never had a comment on the blog. SO… what should we do? Those of you who are following us, what would make you comment??  I mean, I am perfectly capable of writing something controversial to get people talking, but that’s not really what we have in mind…lol.  So, if there are topics you want hear about, think about, talk about…LET ME KNOW. Thanks!!!

We have thought long and hard about having a Paypal “Donate” button on our blog. What do you think?


We are totally ready and willing to rough it, eat Top Ramen, sleep in the car, etc…. but we have to have gas right? Yes, our husbands are on board, but we really don’t know what types of expenses may pop up out there on the open road. We both have houses full of kids and I’d hate to take away from them, so we see people putting donation buttons on things all the time and we are simple girls! What if every person who thinks we rock gave $1?  That’s easy right?   Anyway, we thought the button can’t hurt….. so there it is. If you can spare a buck, great! If not, we still love you…. and we understand you’re saving up to buy books!! 🙂

Image  We are not going on a pleasure trip…. although we will have a great time!


Image Hopefully, we sell books along the way!  🙂


Image I am ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!   But we need places to go to!!  If you know of a venue that seems perfect for us, please let us know! Coffee shops, book stores, church groups, etc. 🙂   Locations in or around San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, New York, Dallas, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Boston, Chicago….I’m missing some…. where’s my map?! 🙂

Possible blog topics for the future….

Who would be interested in a thirty-day exercise in anything; writing a book, losing twenty pounds, redecorating a room…etc?

What to do when your child disowns you

Who wants to get their Masters in Creative Writing WITH me??  There’s still time….



I just got some final sketches on The Quiet Republican today from my illustrator Lindsay Schaub Graves!!!  How will I wait??!!!!!   So excited!!




Looking for Venues…

So we have to find twelve locations to graciously welcome us into their quaint environments to share our work, our time, our spirit and hopefully we learn something from each and every one of them along the way….

Book signings are a tricky thing. Some shops are happy to host any kind of event, to have something to advertise, attract patrons, etc. But others really want someone well-known, dare I say, ‘famous,’ which of course, we are not. So understanding all that…I am starting early and casting a wide web. I have already posted on craigslist in every city we’re visiting and guess what? Zero responses so far. 😦  So here I am blogging…reaching out to the masses. If I have to cold call… I will!! So…here’s my post from craigslist. If you live in or near any of these cities and think you know of a location that might welcome our visit, please let us know and I will take it from there. We really require nothing but space and time. We bring our books, etc. Some places have a routine they like to follow, some just wing it!


Looking for venues for the upcoming Pen & Cup Book Tour…two authors…six books!! Travelling in Spring of 2015. Looking for coffee shop/bookstores that add character to their community. Need one or two locations in each of the following cities…

Seattle, Washington

Portland, Oregon

Washington, D.C.

Boston, Massachusetts

St. Louis, Missouri

Atlanta, Georgia

New York, New York

Chicago, Illinois

San Francisco, California

Dallas, Texas

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Denver, Colorado

Tour blog and author Facebook links below….detailing the six books, etc…

Please like our pages, follow our blog and let us know if you have a location that would be a good fit for our tour!! 


So what do you think? Comments? Suggestions?