“F” Is For Focus, Future and Facts!

Ok, I know I’m a little annoying, like the bride-to-be who won’t stop talking about her wedding or the Christmas Morning Mother with the camera that never stops. That’s me folks!! I am sooo tired, but my mind is racing with all the new information, the new focus, the future and all the myths I buried and facts I unearthed about the publishing industry, writing and people in general at the New York Pitch Conference these last four days!



Nobody got anywhere by being mousy and quiet and staying out of the way….. I want my name in this building someday and for that to happen, I have to be a little annoying, a little pushy, most of all, with myself!!


I learned you have to be focused in all you do. Like, the tiny things. It’s not just about focusing on writing. It’s about you’re writing being focused, staying a course, not just running off a page where no one wants to follow it!


There’s so much to do. Editing, querying and more books to come!


A novel is NOT 50,000 words…(NANO)… more like 65-120, depending on genre. 50k is a novella. Point of view and tense are huge. Even if an editor or agent picks up your crappy grammar & craft book, because the story is THAT great, if you think some intern is going to go through and take care of the stuff your fourth grade teacher kept harping on you about, you are wrong! Do you want seven rewrites or three? And THAT is best case scenario. MANY agents and editors would see those errors and throw Harry Potter in the recycle bin.

If you don’t have a good pitch, you don’t have a good book.

Self-publishing does NOT mean that ms is done, never viable for mainstream. It all depends.

Dialogue is NOT mandatory. Unnecessary dialogue will ruin you!

Do ALOT of research on who you are pitching or querying….. do they hate prologues? memoirs? emails? Surely they’ve been quoted in a rant or an interview….find out!!!  If you’re going to be rejected, let it be for a good, real reason. Not because your potential agent hates flashbacks and your book opens with one.  That does NOT mean change your book, necessarily. It means maybe that agent isn’t for you, maybe you tweak things to get your foot in the door.

It only takes one. Who cares if 200 turn you down. It only takes one.

When an agent/editor says no. That means no.




So much has happened in my brain.

Gotta go home and sleep…kiss the dog and feed the husband and see what tomorrow brings.





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