“E” is for The Empire State…

I,m here!!!


I’ve been in my favorite city for less than four hours and I have already seen and done so much!!

It’s crazy to think I was in a cab on my way to the hotel four hours ago. Since then I checked in, walked about 60 blocks to and from the conference venue to make sure I knew where I was going tomorrow. My hotel is a few blocks from NYU/Union Square and my conference is near Times Square. I have seen a million people, bought some shoes (cause I had to do that or hail a cab…same money, but the shoes are mine now!)… all I packed was heels and boots….major fail. How do all these women do it!!??  I have seen screaming cab drivers, homeless people, panhandlers, dirty water dogs, Park Avenue & Fifth Avenue…. cars stacked four high in a parking lot, the cutest, groomed, chocolate brown poodle I have ever seen….about fifty Starbucks and bicycles you can rent like a stroller at the mall. 🙂

I saw boys walking home from private school with their Polo neckties tied around their heads, a toddler lining up miniature pumpkins on the steps to his brownstone as his mother looked on, a luxury baby store with burlap light bulbs decorating the nursery in the window, a man singing on a street corner like no one was watching and  NYPD & FDNY running lights and sirens more than once.

It was hard to focus on why I am here. I could be out there still just watching and walking and soaking it in, but I am back in my room for the night, ready to rest up for the big day tomorrow.

I’ve checked and rechecked my work. I am confident, but still nervous.

See you in twenty-four hours with a full report.



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