‘C’ Is For Comparables…. the Hardest Challenge Ever!!!



I can honestly say….trying to isolate two solid comps for my book, is harder than writing the book itself!!

Comparables have to be in the same genre and be similar to your book… not necessarily in story or characters or specifics, but in how it communicates with the same target audience, approaches a problem and attracts readers. Bleh!

I encourage ANY and ALL English or writing teachers to treat the study of genre as if it were as important as the craft of writing itself… because it is!

Had my teachers done this, I would be better off.

So far I have ONE comp.

I have read about ten new books. Another one, Lucky by Alice Sebold, was just recommended and I downloaded on my Kindle today. My fingers are crossed. 🙂

In lighter news…. I have a new travel/duffel and crossover bag for my trip to the conference. This girl does NOT check luggage!




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