Can I Over Edit?


Yes I can.

You see, I already know the answer to that question. Which is why I am trying, very hard, NOT to look at my book, anymore.





I wrote Two Sides Of Wilde five years ago. Not quite five years ago.

It will be five years ago in November. It was my first Nanowrimo.

I wrote Two Sides Of Wilde in twenty-three days.


So…. in must be screaming for editing, beta-readers, rewrites!!!  Right?

I wouldn’t know. I self-published it very quickly, I am my only editor and everyone who has read it, loves it.


I’m not bragging or claiming to know anything. This was my first book.

I have written about nine since then, in the same manner.

So, my book and I have recently been accepted to the Algonkian New York Pitch Conference. I am beyond excited of course. But I have read my book several times. Others have read it. I have edited, I have made some changes here and there. But yes, probably less than most. So, with the conference looming, I should be pouring over it, right?


Maybe not.

What if I over-analyze? What if it’s perfect just the way it is?

I KNOW if I stare at it from now until I board the plane, I WILL mess it up.


The conference sends us assignments, which are meant to force examination and polishing. Of course I do those diligently. I am also of course, doing my A-Z blog. But I really think that’s where I’m going to draw the line.

Am I making a huge mistake?





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