Totally stealing an idea I saw on another writer’s blog. You blog every day from A-Z, the letter of the day focusing on some integral part of your current work in progress. Mine is actually a complete book, but one I wrote five years ago and am taking to NY to pitch in six weeks. So I thought the A-Z concept would be a great way to get intimate with my characters once again!

A is easy. My main character and my villain, are Amelia and Alec. But I am actually choosing Amelia for this post. Alec does not deserve to share space on the screen with her!



Amelia Hiller was just a freshman in college when her story began. The only daughter of a tough loving military father, she followed the rules and didn’t mind being a good girl. But college was a new world with the most stimulating and tantalizing new people and experiences. Just sipping coffee in the local grind or wandering the stacks in the university library, was an adrenaline fueled high for her.

Alec Wilde saw her coming. He knew her type. Amelia on the other hand, had no idea, no chance, no experience with a man like Alec. Of all the skirts on all the campuses, he had to go sniffing around hers.


Two Sides Of Wilde, c.2014, Cherilyn G. Hearn


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