Be careful what you wish for!

Anyone who knows me well, especially within my circle of friends and acquaintances who are writers, I am constantly promoting the Algonkian Pitch Conferences in New York City!!  I cannot say enough about them! Of course all of my information is from research I have done through the Algonkian websites and past participants, so of course everything I have heard is good…. but literally, everything I have heard is good!!

Is it a little pricey? Yes. It’s in New York City for goodness sake and I am not naive to the idea that the people participating, who are big names in publishing, are probably being paid for their time. But the thing is, I don’t care about that. If I could pay $5000 to have lunch with the head of Random House, I would. Regardless of the money, I would be there, face to face, having lunch with a game changer. If I have what it takes, they would be silly not to sign me…period.

This conference is like the ABCs of publishing, Publishing 101!!  You don’t just pay your money, show up and listen to panels and lectures. From the minute you register, you are sent assignments, homework, all in preparation for your three days of eight-hour workshops!! The idea is that you show up with an ALREADY polished manuscript and then… they polish it more!! This is all to  prepare you for day three….when you get your face to face with FOUR major publishing houses!

Ok, long story….short. I sent in my application for the conference coming in about six weeks. Why? I have no idea. I have a father-in-law in hospice, a house in escrow and a never ending pile of laundry. Do I have enough miles racked up for a flight to NYC? No. But because I’m a crazy dreamer, a right-brainer…..a writer, I applied.

Today the email came.


Oh sweet hominy!

Now what?

I have a week to pay for registration… and six weeks to tell my husband.



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