Don’t Forget To Read


Confession time…

When fellow writers are sitting around discussing their craft, they always mention famous writers, other books, specific authors and their genre, etc…. and I am in the corner chewing on my nails or something. I don’t read enough, especially for a writer. I mean I can name some good titles, some classics that I have read, but recent authors…not many. I say, I have no time for reading, I have to write! But recently I read a book and it really helped my writing.

It’s not about copying another book’s style or an entire idea or plagiarism or anything. I’ll just read a paragraph or two and something will strike me. I like how this author really goes in depth about a scene or a character. I should do that more. Or sometimes it’s literally sentence structure or grammar, I mean first grade stuff and I’ll think, “hmmm, I wouldn’t of done it that way, but it works.”

I think it’s just about getting out of your own head, box, bubble. It’s like walking through a gallery and seeing a medium you’ve never tried or an angle that never occurred to you. It’s just all about broadening our horizons and we cannot do that locked in our offices all day with only the dog and the Keurig for input. 

How’s this for hilarious…. sometimes I read something and I either think…”hmmm, I write better than this and they’re published!!” OR “This is pretty good, but I think I’m just as good.” It’s really uplifting to not feel like a publishing future is hopeless, which let’s face it, we kind of always do. Nothing wrong with keeping hope alive!

So, writers of the world. Go read a book!




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