Cover To Cover

Within the last couple of days the final touches have been completed on the cover for The Quiet Republican!!  I can’t show it to anyone as we are having an actual “reveal” and my artist and I have made a promise! I am very pleased with it and mark this as one more milestone on the road to Pen & Cup!

My artist Lindsay Schaub Graves is actually quite a bit younger than me, but is a member of my writer’s group and known by me to be an artist, photographer, fellow right-brainer and I think we fell into a conversation during group and boom, my illustrator was born. I have done all of my past covers on my own and wanted a fresh set of eyes, hands and pen I guess.

The result is amazing and makes me want to plan the reveal as soon as humanly possible.

Spoiler Alert: The girl/woman on the cover is NOT me, despite some slight similarities. 🙂


In other news, the actual text for qR is wrapping up daily and then I can publish and start ordering copies and stockpiling for tour.  Trying to decide if I need a new pic for my bio. Since this is my first time having someone else do my cover, perhaps someone else should write the summary as well. Hmmm…..

How do you put out a call for summary writers without hurting anyone’s feelings when you pick the one you like best? LOL.




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