Mean Lady On The Loose

That’s me. Today I am grumpy and should avoid the internet full stop.

Just read a blog…. something about the ten things women never get to do now that they have children or a husband…blah, blah, blah…

Since I’m grumpy I guess I’ll address this post openly and honestly…lol. I don’t understand blogs like this. No one barged in on me in the restroom when my kids were young, because they were taught not to. No one begged for fast food from the back seat, no one ran all over Target screaming, no one came in when I was showering, because I said not to, once. I could read a book or have a phone conversation or shave my legs in peace because my children knew better than to be inconsiderate to me or anyone else. I don’t understand this new trend of everyone just aching under the burden of their out of control children. So control them already!  

I’m sick of teenage moms whining all over their Facebook that they’re stuck at home and would someone please bring them a smoothie from DQ or help them with laundry or bring them a dvd….cause they have no car and no time and their life is soooo hard. Did you think having a baby would be like having a Barbie?


Maybe not so many selfies and cigarettes and you’ll have some time and money.

Tap into the resources the world is overflowing with.

Be thankful for the USA stamp on your forehead and get over yourself!

Don’t have kids!

I understand being a mother is hard, but being a human is hard. I miss the days when women took pride in running the kids, the home, the husband and still had fresh lipstick on. Not because they should ‘have’ to, but because it meant they pushed through, they took some pride, they put on their big girl panties and pulled it off! Being a mother and wife or even a career woman or a dog groomer, they did whatever they did with pride and humility. Now it seems like there’s just a competition for whose life is harder, whose day was the worst, someone pass the Kleenex!

Boo hoo.

Maybe this is nothing new. Maybe this is all to be blamed on social media, where everyone’s thoughts are suddenly broadcast without reservation. Maybe now we’re all just putting it out there!

Needing case for Ipod, case for laptop, toddler clothing and diapers. Cheap or free and in perfect condition. Please, as we are really low on funds right now.   

Hmmmm….. how about you don’t need cases or even an Ipod or a laptop, if you can’t clothe & diaper your kid. Have you heard of a pawn shop? Also, before you sell it, use the computer to Google the word ‘need!’

Looking for Winnie the Pooh pac-n-play, stroller and car seat, matching in new condition, cheap.

You’re in luck…Walmart has just what you’re looking for. Why don’y you cruise on down and get it!

If you ‘needed’ a stroller, you would take anything anyone would give you. It seems nowadays the beggars are choosers, and everything needs to match.

Some people don’t have shoes, or water or parents or legs.

Some people have real problems. 

No one is truly thankful for anything. I’m just devastated that this is it. This is our society and there’s nothing one of us can do about it.

ch (aka mean lady at large) 


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