Secrets & Lies

So I’m not great as SOME secrets and I try not to lie, but of course both of these ideas are relative and could be debated at length. I Christmas shop all year long and never say a word. But sometimes I am so excited that I have a hard time with GOOD secrets. A secret for someone else is usually really easy, unless there is some moral conflict. Lies can be harmless and lies can be deadly.

When have some kind of an epiphany or what I believe to be a great idea, when i have a great day of writing or finish something I’m really proud of, I want to share that! With everyone!

That’s why today’s post is so hard. I have a cool idea. I’m being modest or reserved, it might be a brilliant idea, but I can’t tell anyone. Why? Because it’s not done and if I announce it, it would literally take anyone five seconds to duplicate it. It has to do with writing and my career, so unfortunately, we have to think of things like that.

I read a blog the other day about a writer in San Francisco who had literally taken years to open up to writer friends, write in groups, etc….for fear of being copied. Now I’m not that way and I commiserate with other writers often, but this is different. I’m not full of myself and thinking my idea is the next lightbulb or anything, but I’ve never heard of it and there can only be one first, so there.

I will try and finish asap so everyone can share in my wonderment!! 😉



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