Too Many Oars…

Well I am all over the place. I like being busy, but wearing a lot of hats makes me feel like I’m literally ‘being’ a lot of people, instead of just one. My right brain is on sensory overload…writing, painting, sculpting, decorating. On the one hand, I want to do one thing very well. But I am good at all of these things and hate the thought of cutting any of them out completely or even significantly. So I grapple with measuring their place in my mental make-up, whilst staying the course.


SozenFix614  (Thinking of hosting painting parties at the homestead.)

For some reason I’ve gotten artsy lately. I mean I’ve always been an artist, but now I want to build a portfolio, try to have a show, expand my mediums. Why? Where did this come from?


WildeSeriesAd  (Thinking of having a writer’s retreat at the homestead.)

Of course I’m a writer… I’m planning our tour! I have two titles to finish for that and the other morning I woke up with yet another novel rattling around in my head. But it’s not just the writing, it’s the planning, the decision making, the blog, the contests, the marketing and contacting venues and ordering business cards. This is my last self-publishing tour, I can tell you that! I can see why doing the extra leg work to try and capture a traditional publisher is worth it….I mean other than all the other obvious and popular reasons.

I Decorate…


I Sew…

b1 b7 I’d like to start a line of aprons…150282_1659300514737_2016782_n



I Volunteer for Family Trees… Party Planning… Quilting!!


This is a logo I created a long time ago for “David Research & Investigation”…



I Photograph…


Usually for friends and family for little or no profit and sometimes at a loss. I’m not complaining. It’s always my idea and always something enjoy! But I have to stop!

I’ve only been married for about 3 1/2 months and my blended family is still finding its way, so maybe I’m burying myself elsewhere. I love all of it, but I don’t give 100% or even 50% to any of these pursuits. So how can they be accomplishing anything?

This is all without a kitchen!! glutenfree  I know once that oven is going I’ll be baking cakes and delivering cookies; experimenting with new recipes from Pinterest and every dish is another minute away from the canvas, the manuscript or the clay.  Oh yea! Clay!

My sweet, sweet daughter is always trying to find a way to “do” something. She is disabled and her options are limited. She can’t really be away from me. So, she tags along and although she shares some of my artistic itch, her attention and energy wane and so I take what I can get. Anyway, I recently decided to collect, make, explore the world of miniatures. Something I’ve always liked and actually a very adult hobby. A friend also commissioned a custom wedding topper from me recently, which I used to do a lot, so I had to drag out the sculpting tools, which rekindled that niche and once the topper is done, we’re going to try our hand at 1:12 miniatures. Here’s my first attempt…

IMG_0413  I love it…but I can’t do it all. Can I?


My family is pretty low-maintenance, despite the giant house, two businesses and hundreds of animals. Am I kidding myself?


Obviously this is my first blog (here) in almost three weeks…so I am spreading thin, except for my ever-widening thighs. 😉

Power on.




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