Tour News & Tour Blues



So this blog is supposed to detail our idea of having a book tour, the preparation leading up to the tour and finally, when we hit the road and how things go along the way. I am sincere about telling our followers the real story, the triumphs and trials, etc. There will be no unicorns and rainbows, I’m afraid.

That said, I am on the venue hunt. I’m mailing today over 240 letters to our destination coffee shops, bookstores a libraries in each city we are visiting.This doesn’t even count the church groups we would like to speak to as well.

As I’m furiously searching for shops and places that seem like they would be a good fit for P&C, of course my mind wanders to the heartache of self-publishing versus traditional. Who are the interns that do this busy work for Random House? Do they even do book tours anymore? I mean, really. Nowadays we feel like we know our favorite authors already, because we’re on their Facebook. An author can’t sign a Kindle and really, when is the last time I remember a signing being advertised?

I know this sounds nuts. Not exactly self-promoting right? I just wonder. Has the publishing and literary world evolved to a place, due to technology, where face to face is not so valuable?



Naturally I laugh in the face of adversity, so searching for venues remains on my todo list. We only need 12. 🙂





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