Blah, Blah, Blog


This has been a heavy month. I took a semester’s courses in nine days. My sister and nieces I hadn’t seen in ten years are visiting from Kentucky. I’ve submitted two novels for consideration. I’m planning a cover reveal party.

A little girl was killed in a car accident. A little girl I didn’t know, but went to see anyway. A girl who was the same age of my girl, when she suffered a similar accident, but survived. Even though they were strangers, I went to the hospital, I took my book, my miracle girl and just offered my time, my ears, my experience. I held that beautiful girl’s hand and watched her parents in the first days of a pain I knew would never ever go away.

They’re burying Jewel today.

House renovations continue, business is good. New business ventures are ever present and of course, the tour looms.

My daughter’s insurance company is threatening her hours, as they do about every six months. So I polished up the appeal letter I send every year, changed the date and sent it off, fingers crossed for another win.

I hate heat.

I’m tired.

I don’t know how to have energy in the summer. 

I started selling Avon. By that I mean I bought a bunch of supplies and brochures and a membership. I have yet to sell anything.


So what is this blog about?

This is life. Really, it is.





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