The Ideas That Come To The Writer…


To be a writer is not a hobby or even a job. I am a writer like I am a mother and a woman, an American and right handed. It simply is who I am. Like everything that makes up who and how we are, being a writer makes me think, see and feel in a different way than others.
I have book, article, poem & screenplay ideas daily…sometimes hourly! Every experience moves me to write, explore, examine and write some more. It is just like this that I came to a new kernel today. 
My next book…after The Quiet Republican & Unlikely Provisions, will be Very Married. This book will explore the fact that simply being married just doesnt hold the reverence that it used to, that it
should. I feel like some people, myself included, must adopt the idea that we are very married. That we hold true to the most traditional and initial institution marriage was intended to be.
More to come…. 🙂


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