Guilty As Charged


FOR SHAME!!!!    I haven’t blogged in nine days!!! I apologize profusely and promise to blog extra this week for my penance. 


What shall we talk about today? Perhaps I’ll start with what we WON’T be talking about…. 🙂

My wedding.

My remodeling.

My dad’s heart attack.

My daughter’s car accident


So….. let’s talke about WRITING!!

On a sad note, but an experience every writer has if not once, then a million times, I did not make it to the second round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Competition. Bummer. My awesome tour buddy Pam reminds me that Red Snow was a great story, that just because it may not have met their ideas of what they were envisioning, does not discount that. Judges are HUMAN. Always remember that. They’re just people. My husband does not like cheesecake. Is he an alien??  Nope. Just human. 🙂

On a happy note, I DID submit two entries to the Nimrod Literary Journal Competition, which is both a great compilation and an annual conference that I never miss. It is inexpensive and local and that’s a hard thing to find in a writer’s conference. The deadline is still more than a month away, so I am including the information below. I submitted poetry and Red Snow. So glad I sent it before the short story was denied by NYCM, because I KNOW this would have made me doubt it, doubt myself and perhaps not send it. But Pam’s words were whispering in my brain as I licked the envelope and away it went. Fingers crossed.

Both of these sides of the coin having been said, just submitting is a GREAT accomplishment. Without trying, we can never accomplish anything. It’s all a numbers game! For every ten or twenty or whatever your number is…for every group of submissions, there WILL be success, learning, reflection and growth! So submit!!! Never be afraid of failure, because trying is its own success. When you lick the envelope, you have already won. One more trick in surviving submissions…..just forget about it. If you make submitting the goal, instead of ‘winning,’ when you send it, you’re done. You did it. Walk away and don’t think of the results, the deadline, the prizes. If only submitting is on your ‘to do’ list, you can always be triumphant!

*** Submission Fees *** Of course, sometimes, submission fees can sometimes slow us down. This is a fact of life. I have two things to offer on this topic. (1) Make it a priority! This is your dream. What is more important? Two Starbucks? New socks? That blingy shirt in the window? You get your electricity paid, why aren’t you getting your submissions paid? Make submission as important as electricity!! (2) There ARE free and lower cost submission, conferences and opportunities out there. Find them.

Nimrod Info:

The Nimrod Literary Awards Are Open for Submissions!

Dear Writer:
Greetings from Nimrod International Journal. I’m writing with some information about the 36th annualNimrod Literary Awards: The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry and the Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction.  The Awards offer first prizes of $2,000 and publication and second prizes of $1,000 and publication, along with a trip to Tulsa to receive the Awards and take part in our annual writing conference. The postmark deadline for this year’s Awards is April 30th, 2014.
The Awards are among the most distinguished literary prizes in the country. Past judges include Stanley Kunitz, Marvin Bell, Mark Doty, Olga Broumas, W. S. Merwin, Denise Levertov, William Stafford, Ron Carlson, Linda Pastan, and John Edgar Wideman. Past winners include Sue Monk Kidd, Diane Glancy, Daniel Lusk, Felicia Ward, Ruth Schwartz, and Gina Ochsner.
One of the oldest “little magazines” in the country, Nimrod has continually published new and extraordinary writers since 1956.  We are dedicated to the discovery of new voices in literature, and theNimrod Literary Awards are a special way to reward talented new poets and fiction writers.
I have included the Awards rules in this e-mail.  Please contact us if you have any questions, or visit our website——to learn more about Nimrod.  Also, feel free to share this information with any writing friends or groups.  I hope to see your submission soon!
Eilis O’Neal
Nimrod International Journal
Contest Rules 

The 36th Nimrod Literary Awards
The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction &
The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry
Founded by Ruth G. Hardman
FIRST PLACE: $2,000 and publication
SECOND PLACE: $1,000 and publication
Contest Begins: January 1, 2014
Postmark Deadline: April 30, 2014
Poetry: 3-10 pages of poetry (one long poem or several short poems).
Fiction: 7,500 words maximum.
No previously published works or works accepted for publication elsewhere.  Author’s name must not appear on the manuscript.  Include a cover sheet containing major title and subtitles, author’s name, full address, phone & email.  “Contest Entry” should be clearly indicated on both the outer envelope and the cover sheet. Manuscripts should be stapled, if possible; if not, please bind with a heavy clip. Manuscripts will not be returned.  Nimrod retains the right to publish any submission.  Include SASE for results only.  If no SASE is sent, no contest results will be sent; however, the results will be posted onNimrod’s website. You must be living in the US by October of 2014 to enter the contest.  Winners will also be brought to Tulsa for the Awards Ceremony in October. All finalists will be considered for publication.
Entry/Subscription Fee: $20 includes both entry fee & a one-year subscription (two issues).  Each entry must be accompanied by a $20 fee.  Make checks payable to Nimrod.
Send to:
Nimrod Journal
Literary Contest–Fiction or Poetry
The University of Tulsa
800 S. Tucker Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74104  




I am totally bummed, but moreso surprised that I have received ZERO responses from my Craigslist call for venues. 😦  Hmmm. When I have a blanket void like that, I wonder about my process. I posted in “Community Events”…. perhaps that was the wrong heading. Perhaps other categories get more traffic. So… I will try again.  What about my blog followers??  That’s YOU! 🙂   Do you know any venues that may be appropriate or welcoming in our tour cities? PLEASE let us know. We will do the rest! 

Received adorable tour stickers. These are just tiny, one-inch by one-inch square stickers with our faces, our logo and other writing prompts, pics and motivation! We can stick them on our shirts, our envelopes, etc…. just a shameless plug! 🙂

The Quiet Republican passed 10,000 words the other day and is moving along nicely. So far, one of the easiest books I’ve written. This can be very motivating and very suspicious. Sometimes if something is too easy…something is missing. I will have to decide which idea is the right one.


Seriously thinking of hosting, building, founding a writer’s retreat/conference in my town, at my home, etc. Am I crazy? Why yes, yes I am. I thought we already established this. 😉   Thoughts?


Just finished The End of Eve by my favorite author, Ariel Gore. Recommend to all. Quick, yet profound read. ~ 


love & peace to all




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