Questions & Answers


Don’t most people read books for answers? I’m sure the truth varies. Some read for entertainment, for escape, for information. I’m plugging away at one of the two non-fiction titles for our upcoming book tour and though the jacket describes it as a “path to discovery,” I’m finding I ask my readers a lot of questions. So, not just about my own book, but considering others’ and writing in general; what is more valuable? Questions or answers?

You may be saying, ,”How can a question be helpful?” We are the society that seeks out cure, solutions, answers! Right?

Have you ever been to a psychiatrist? Or for that matter, seen one on television? The common cliche is that while patients see them for answers, the doctor often sits on the other side of the sofa, doing the asking.

I like to think I’m asking questions that a person would have never thought to ask of themselves. If all questions could be designed this way, the question itself is the eye opener. In the instant that we answer, even silently in our head to ourselves, we have learned something. We have learned something more important than things we learn in school or in book or in social circles; we have learned something about ourselves.



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