drum roll please….


“…if only I had some drums around here….”

Ahem. Pam & Cherilyn are proud to announce, they have decided the titles for their upcoming tour!!  Because we are over achievers, we will carry with us, barreling down the highway, boxes and boxes of SIX different titles!! We figure, why take two books when we can take six? We want to appeal to the masses. We want to offer something for everyone.

My OCD screams to sign them ahead of time, but no! Part of the thrill of a book signing is when the author asks your name and applies the wet ink to the crisp new page, right?

So here they are…

My Daughter Still

100% Non-Fiction ~ The plight of a young girl and her family, friends and community, over the first six-months of a life long journey, suffering a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. Her story is told by her mother, from the day of the crash, to the day her mother took her home.


Christian Fiction ~ Maggie would like nothing more than to bumble through her crazy life in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, as a barista at the Sacred Grounds coffee shop. Now that she’s broken off her tight wire relationship with the sexy playboy Marcus she should be free, right? Only she didn’t plan to have an artist from Down Under sweep her off her feet, without even trying. Throw a best friend pushing the boundaries of platonic into the mix and it’s enough to make any girl lose her mind.

When Marcus ups the stakes, will it be him, an Aussie surf-rat named Luke, or the loyal servant Evan who wins her heart?  Will it even matter if she’s going to lose her life to leukemia? Can she find true love before it’s too late? The real question is, when is it too late for love, and who says death is the end of a forever bond?

*New release debuting for the first time on Pen & Cup Book Tour!

The Senator’s Daughters

Fiction ~ set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As if raising two young women isn’t challenging enough, can Lucinda Cooper-Lanning handle her demanding daughters and parlay her turbulent time in the State Senate into a seat in the U.S. Congress? It all seems attainable, until both of her daughters meet Alec Wilde.

The Quiet Republican

Non-Fiction ~ Can a Republican be quiet? Cover to cover commentary and comedy on the bumpy path to discovering one’s political affiliation. Designed to be a light read, but with true information and ideas. Can be enjoyed by adults of all class, race, gender and yes, political party.

*This is a new release, debuting on P&C Tour!! Just in time for 2016 Election!


Christian Non-Fiction ~ Searching for an infinite God in an empty culture.” How to let go of the stuff that’s holding you back from experiencing the purpose God intended for you; to know Him MORE.”

* This book will debut on the P&C Tour, 2015!!

Unlikely Provisions

Non-Fiction ~ Finding God’s gifts in small, everyday things. An interactive devotional for those who need to remind themselves and others that everything, yes everything is a gift. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could all see a generous God in the leaves and the laughter?

*New release debuting on tour!

whew!!!  the hardest part is over!! (jk)

soooo….. who wrote a chapter and a half of The Quiet Republican today??  This girl!!



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