Yes, Dear

Let’s pause for a moment to give credit where credit is due.

This tour is sponsored by John & Brandon. Who? That’s ok, they prefer you really have no idea who they are, but they are the behind the scenes…the key holders…the checkbooks. I make light of it, but seriously. We are stay-at-home, awesome-as-we-may-be…mothers. Between us we manage nine children, two of them with special needs. We pay bills and run a business. We clean two big houses, prepare about two hundred portions of food a week, receive at least ten phone calls a day, drive countless miles…

Taking on this tour meant going to the men and our lives, flashing those pearly whites and saying “please?” There will be gasoline, food, housing and inventory to pay for. There will be cooking and cleaning and laundry and children to wrestle while we’re gone…and though the dogs may enjoy the extra room, two empty spaces in the master suites! They are strong, capable men, completely competent enough to handle it, but they are our responsibilities and we know many men who would have said “no,” and quickly.

Ours did not hesitate. We won’t post pictures so we don’t have to deal with the women trekking to Kansas to sneak a peek at the marvel that is our men. 😉  


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